Some people avoid electronic shopping because of the problems that can cause them. Some people may be at risk of having their information stolen, stolen, or compromised. They should be afraid of all these things, but what is the solution? Do we stop following the latest financial developments for fear of missing out? Are we moving into a new experience where the percentages of profit and loss are equal?

Obviously not. We don't have to choose between these two options. We have the right to choose a safer and better way. It doesn't require much sacrifice. Instead, these methods give us special grace and value. The relationship with Sadad Payment Solutions is the same.

What Is SADAD App?

payment application for mobile devices. It is intended to be a platform for arranging financial transactions for individuals and businesses. This event was held in 2018.

 It was developed as the country's first e-wallet to help Qatari consumers make easy electronic payments. By encouraging the establishment of a non-financial economy in the region, it aims to accelerate Qatar's e-commerce growth. SADAD's mission is to provide users with convenient and convenient payment options so they don't have to carry large amounts of cash or use credit cards. The recent launch of e-marketplace application has many advantages. The company has made a significant investment in researching customer complaints and issues with other payment providers in order to address them in their app in the easiest and safest way possible. Concerns about complicated payment systems, long wait times, and hacking and cyber attacks. The elegant and simple features of the SADAD electronic security system solve all these problems. What international standards does SADAD follow when pursuing financial transactions?

 SANAD strives to implement a number of international security standards that govern electronic commerce and the user. SANAD adheres to these standards to allow its customers the best and most secure service

The Certificate of PCI-DSS

The payment card industry data security standard is known as PCI-DSS. It serves as the industry standard for payment card data security. The global payment card security company, which is responsible for this standard, is responsible for checking payments, conversion, analysis, and finally synchronization and acceptance.

 Businesses that want to do e-commerce should carefully review all of their security measures. So make sure you can protect the privacy of your customer data and their personal information.

 SADAD is a convenient e-commerce platform that emphasizes privacy and security and is certified compliant with all PCI-DSS security standards.

IT Security Certificate McAfee Certification

SADAD's electronic application is designed to maintain the security and integrity of your personal data by respecting all regulations related to computer security. This program encrypts your business transactions, keeping your data private on the Internet. It also provides complete security to prevent your account from being stolen.

ISO 27001 Certificate

SANAD's electronic payment solutions comply with the ISO 27001 standard, which seeks to protect the privacy of customer information and not to share it without authorization.

256-Port Payment Encryption Certificate

SANAD e-mail software keeps customer data private by keeping the entire communication loop from sender to recipient completely private and encrypted.

What Security Services Does SADAD Offer You?

SANAD payment solutions provide you with various security services so that you don't have to worry about your information, your discomfort or the feeling of your security. You will benefit from its use by doing the following:

What Security Services Does SADAD Offer You?

SANAD payment solutions provide you with various security services so that you don't have to worry about your information, your discomfort or the feeling of your security. You will benefit from its use by doing the following:

  • 24-Hour Monitoring Of Your Financial Transactions

The SADAD application provides customers with an efficient and regular security monitoring system. The app will always protect you.

  • Comprehensive Encryption of All Transactions

You don't need to be concerned about someone finding out about your user interactions or finding out your private information. SADAD enables you to handle complex billing for all of your bills via the app. Hackers won't be able to intercept or access any of the communication between sender and recipient.

  • Continuous Technical Support Services

SADAD offers a large staff of highly qualified technical support to its clients. If you run into any issues, whether security-related or procedural, the team will get in touch with you right away and fix the issue.

  • Conflict Resolution Services

SADAD will protect your financial right in the event of a dispute by holding payments in your personal account until the issue is resolved.

  • Services in Protection Against Theft And Fraud

All you need to do is alert SADAD right away if you notice any shady transactions coming from customers or users of your business. They will immediately investigate your complaint.

  • Confidentiality of Customers

You shouldn't be concerned about giving access to your personal information. All customer data is protected by the programme, which also blocks access to it by recipients. The recipient of the money won't be able to access your financial or personal data stored in the system if you purchase a product or pay a bill, for example. He will only be aware of the specifics of paying the bill.

  • Protect Your Data with A Fingerprint

You have complete control over the security of your individual account with the SADAD app. By using a username and password, you can manage access settings. Without your unique fingerprint, even if someone knows your password, they will not be able to access your account.

The aforementioned items make up only a small portion of what Sadad,qa has to offer its clients. The application's creators are constantly at odds with time in their quest to create the best and safest electronic users. You don't need to be concerned about any fresh e-commerce attacks because SADAD is constantly prepared to keep you safe.